Training & Learnings

An archive of training, presentations and templates used to support Regional Intermediaries during the census process. All documents below are publicly accessible through Box, a secure cloud content management and file-sharing service – to access these documents, you must create an account with Box. These training materials are not exhaustive in scope and detail and should be used as starting points, not templates, for future administrators. If you notice an issue with any of the links below, please contact


Promotional Materials from HSI

A sample collection of media from an HSI working on census engagement


How To Use Box

Description of how to use for RI’s


January 2020 Convening Materials

Documents and files from January convenings


Video Archive of DPA led Weekly Meetings

To show how things changed over time. In particular will highlight technical assistance that is unlikely to change (how to market, how to do canvassing etc)


DPA Training Materials

A sampling of DPA training materials to show the modes of engagement

Administrative Planning - Training

RI Artifacts

RI Artifacts: this includes marketing materials

Promotions - Training

Department of Public Administration Design Assets

Design Assets: all the collateral produced for DPA


DPA Resource Page

Freeze Frame of DPA Resource page

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