A collection of quantitative and qualitative reports produced throughout the Census 2020 process archived for research and review. All documents below are publicly accessible through Box, a secure cloud content management and file-sharing service – to access these documents, you must create an account with Box. These reports are not exhaustive in scope and detail and should be used as starting points, not templates, for future administrators. If you notice an issue with any of the links below, please contact

DPA Reports - Reports

DPA 2020 Census Comprehensive Final Report

The comprehensive final report by DPA on the Illinois 2020 Census Project. View PDF: UIC Census Final Report

DPA Reports - Reports

Final Report on Illinois Response Rates

Final report produced by DPA on final Illinois Census 2020 Response Rates.

IDHS Reports - Reports

Interim Report on Illinois Census Self Response Rate

Contains the interim report produced by DPA and IDHS

IDHS Reports - Reports

Final Report from CCL

Final reports from CCL on their text app

DPA Reports - Reports

Archive of Federal Census Response Rates By Day

Archive of response rates

IDHS Reports - Reports

Census Office Monthly Reports

Census office reports detailing who did what, when by month

DPA Reports - Reports

Sample Census Activity Report

Preserve a sample of the reports, which are organized by RI

DPA Reports - Reports

Archive of RI Monthly Activity and Administrative Reports

List of monthly activity reports and admin reports for future research + analysis

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